Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday Update

Around the House - A normal week for us last week and this week. The weather was so nice last weekend that we decided, on the spur of the moment to go to the zoo. I love that we can just get up and go and be at the zoo in 15 minutes. I'm putting the pictures on Snapfish, but here's a few good ones. The kids had a great time and because we bought a membership in June, parking, carousel rides, train tickets etc., were all FREE! (The best kind of fun :)

In the Kitchen - After feeling sorry for my husband when he had to take leftover mac-n-cheese for lunch, I decided to spend Tuesday afternoon filling the fridge with food. I made my award winning (5th place :) chili, chicken enchiladas (using our leftover taco/nacho fodder), oatmeal with walnuts and dried fruit, and blueberry scones. The scone were the only thing that didn't turn out great. Probably because I was using a recipe that was hand copied from someone else's had copy, and I only wrote down the ingredients and not the directions. Also, I used frozen blueberries instead of dried ones, so I think the dough was too wet. They turned out more the texture of muffins than biscuits, but they still tasted good. Matthew and I shared one for breakfast this morning.

New with Embry - She is learning tons of stuff at school. Of course, she won't tell us directly, but things start to come out when we're not paying attention. She has definitely learned about conflict resolution, because she rationally talks through more things that we disagree on. She must be reading or hearing lots of stories because she is all the time making up stories for things. Whether its a book off the shelf or one of the dogs next door, everything has a story now. She will break out into a song I've never heard before, and she has all of these crazy sayings that I know she didn't get from me. We have parent/teacher conferences next week, so I guess we'll be able to find out more specifically how and what she's doing.

New with Matthew - Where to start? He has figured out how to open and close doors and drawers which has prompted us to reinstall the cabinet safety locks. He all of the sudden wants to eat everything that everyone is eating. I'm using this as an opportunity to eat better things myself. If I wouldn't give it to Matthew, I shouldn't be eating it either, right? He has always loved "Pat-a-cake," but now he actually claps along with you. He also loves to share everything, now - Cheerios, toys, his bottle, whatever he's got at the time, he'll try to give it to you.

I'm Grateful For - Both kids have been taking extra long naps in the afternoon allowing me to get tons of stuff done, which means that I can actually relax after they go to bed at night!

The Weather Outside - Still great. I keep waiting for it to turn nasty outside, but so far this has been the best extended summer we've had in a longtime.

I'm (Still) Obsessing About - I still have not finished a weekly crossword puzzle. And because I love competition, Jason makes a copy of the blank puzzle when it comes on Saturday and we work on it separately to see who can finish first. So far, he has finished or gotten much further than me every time. But, I'm not giving up...

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