Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Update

Around the House: Well, it is a new year and the chaos of the holidays is over. Embry is back to school, J and I are back to work, the house is back to its usual mess. I guess I feel like I get to slack off on the cleaning now that it's just us here.

In the Kitchen: All of the leftovers are finally gone, so it's back to the same old stuff. We did so much cooking for Christmas, but almost none in the week after. I kind of miss it. I definitely miss having lots of cookies around to snack on. I'll be posting pictures from Christmas dinner on Facebook soon. It was our most ambitious dinner yet with a crown roast of pork and a croquembouche (which was apparently a popular dessert this year).

New with Embry: She hasn't even played with all of her Christmas presents yet, and she has already made a list for her birthday. And what does she want? An airplane. Not a dollhouse (my idea), or a bicycle. An airplane. I'm not even sure what exactly she means, but I guess I'd better find out.

New with Matthew: Newly 2 years old, and jabbering non-stop. Of course, I can't understand what he's saying most of the time, but he will carry on quite a conversation with anyone he meets. The cashier at the grocery store found it very amusing this morning.

The Weather Outside: I think the high for today is supposed to be 15 degrees. 5 inches of snow tomorrow and the high for Friday... 2. 2 degrees! Yikes. I miss Alabama.

I am Grateful For: Warm blankets, warm slippers, and warm kids and husband to cuddle with.

I am Obsessed With: I'm not sure if it's quite an obsession yet, but I can't wait for the new TV to start. Big Love next week. Lost in February. And the Tudors in March. I need to start warming up the TiVo.