Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Update!

Around the House: OK, so it's not like nothing has happened in the last three weeks. It's really J's fault for my lack of blogging. You see, he bought me (for my birthday) the new Harry Potter Lego game for Wii, and I have been using every free moment I have to play it instead of blog (or cook, or clean, or do yardwork.) It is so incredibly addicting. According to the game, I am 54 percent complete, so that means only 3 more weeks of nonstop playing and I should be finished, right? That is unless the game gets harder as I get closer to finishing it, or unless there are a bunch of bonus levels, or extra characters to try out. Who knows how long this may go on?

We did actually celebrate my birthday rather quietly this year. I decided that instead of having a big cookout, and making a fancy cake that we would buy a cake...

(I know) and go out to eat all weekend long, so that I could spend my time relaxing with my mom and my husband and kids instead of cooking and cleaning. It was a great plan, I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier! Of course, no birthday (at least, not MY birthday) would be complete without fireworks. So we headed to a "smaller" event, rather than fight the huge crowds downtown. It was Matthew's first fireworks, and although he was a little unsure at first, he seemed to enjoy them after they got going. He had just learned the word "birthday" that weekend, and he kept shouting it all during the fireworks show. We might be setting him up for disappointment when his birthday rolls along sans fireworks.

In the Kitchen: Not much going on here (see previous mention of new Wii game). I did however make my award winning (ok, 3rd place) chili last week, and chicken and dumplings this week. The chili recipe is great because it makes a huge amount. We immediately freeze half of it and then eat leftovers all week long. Chicken and dumplings is one of my favorite recipes, although the "from scratch" recipe takes all afternoon to make, it is well worth it. My only complaint is that my biscuit dumplings are never as fluffy as my grandma's used to be. If anyone knows the secret to fluffy dumplings please let me know.

New with Embry: Embry finished her first session of swimming lessons a couple of weeks ago.

It was only 8 half-hour sessions, but I feel like she progressed a lot. Before this, she would never get into the pool without her floatie and she would never EVER get her face wet, or even think about putting her head under water. But now, she hops right in the pool, goes with me into the deeper water, doesn't complain too much if her face gets splashed, and will occasionally agree to go under for just a second. She can float by herself on her back for about 10 seconds, and she can swim great with a kick-board, but she still can't really swim on her own yet. We are debating whether to continue the lessons (and another $60) this summer or let her practice at the pool on her own and wait until next summer to do more lessons. So many parents tell me that kids often will just teach themselves if they get enough time at the pool. We'll see.

Also, Embry's two loose teeth are still there, just a little looser.

New with Matthew: In that same department, Matthew has two new teeth, both molars. If I didn't brush his teeth every day I'd never know he was getting any new ones, since he has never once complained about getting them.

He has made up for the lack of whining though, when it comes to getting his haircut. It has been about 9 months since his last official haircut. He will tolerate a few snips every few weeks, but that's it. I was able to trim the 2 inch tail off of his neck and get his bangs out of his eyes this month. The rest looks horribly shaggy. More than one person has compared his new look to Ringo Starr circa 1964.

Also, people keep reassuring me that longer hair is "in" for boys now-a-days. Well, call me old-fashioned, but I believe boys should have short hair that doesn't touch their face or their neck or their ears. It is driving me crazy! We have tried everything...cutting his hair in the bathtub or the sink, in front of the tv with his favorite show on, using clippers instead of scissors, giving him a sucker, even watching Daddy or sister get a haircut to show him that there's nothing to be scared of. If he doesn't get over this soon, tranquilizers may be in order.

I am Grateful For: The gift cards I received for my birthday for Home Depot. I'm going to use them to get a screen door that actually closes and new locks for the front door. And if there's any left, maybe some paint. That one takes a lot more planning, though, so we'll see.

The Weather Outside: Typical, humid, the occasional thunderstorm. Not so bad that we can't enjoy the park for a couple of hours in the morning, but the slides start to get too hot by about 10:30am.

I am Obsessed With: Do you have to ask? I need to hurry up and finish this post...only 45 minutes of naptime left to play Harry Potter!!