Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Birthday...

... Another ridiculously complicated cake (cupcake) recipe.

I don't know why I do this to myself. Everyone would be perfectly happy with a chocolate boxed cake mix and canned frosting. But, no. I have to ask my husband, "What kind of cake do you want? Let's make something different!"

Husband - "Hmm. How about churro cupcakes?"
Me - "Churro cupcakes!? Where did you come up with that?"
Husband - "I dunno."

I wondered if there even was such a thing. But where there's the Internet, there's a way, right? Lo and behold, I found these and I decided to give it a shot. I mean who can resist those adorable mini-churros?!

The cupcake "assembly" is actually three separate recipes (if you don't count the whipped cream). 1. The cake recipe, flavored with vanilla and cinnamon, turned out tasting just like snickerdoodle cookies...yum! 2. The dulce de leche filling for the cupcakes was actually super easy, but time consuming. The hardest part of that was opening the store-brand can of condensed milk. For some reason I could not get the top to come off, so I ended up scraping the stuff out with a spatula. Way too messy! Anyway, it turned out tasting just like the Kraft caramel cubes that you melt to make caramel apples...double yum! 3. The fun part was making the tiny churros. I don't have a lot of experience with deep frying things, but I figured these would be easy since they were so small. They didn't require a whole lot of oil to fry in, and they cooked in about 2 minutes. Pretty easy...and SO CUTE!

The best part was, that after all of the fun of filling, and topping, and miniature churros, the cupcakes tasted amazing! I was afraid that all of the additions would be too much, but they went together perfectly! One of my favorite cake recipes ever.

Oh, and J had a great birthday too! Happy birthday honey!

**Side note - Embry picked out the candles a month ago, long before we decided on cupcakes. I forgot about them until about five minutes before this picture was taken. Lesson learned = pick out your dessert before you pick out your candles.**