Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Start of Summer Update

Around the House: Well, the kids are out of school for the summer and the three of us are spending our days at home together. I have switched back to nights and weekends only at work. J is doing what he always does. Everyone keeps asking me, if it's a big adjustment having the kids back at home, but really it seems like only yesterday that it was last summer. So, no. No big adjustment here. I have to reserve naptime for getting any work done, of course. But, I really am enjoying having them here with me. We've been finding lots of fun stuff to do.

In the Kitchen: I made this a couple of nights ago. It was very bacony. And even though the heat index was 103 last Friday, I couldn't help myself. I turned on the oven and made oatmeal raisin cookies. I was having company, after all, and you can't have someone over for lunch without some sort of fresh baked good. It's just good manners.

New with Embry: I am trying to prevent the kids from getting summer Brain-Drain. So, I asked Embry if she'd like to learn about money. We collected some loose change from around the house and she has been sorting and counting it ever since. We also signed up for the summer reading club at the library and Embry has read about 7 books so far this week. She loves keeping track of her progress on the chart that they gave her.

New with Matthew: I had almost forgotten what it was like having someone home who needs to be entertained all of the time. Luckily, Matthew has his sister to keep him company. But, when Embry is doing "school-work," Matthew is happy to read a book with me or help me with housework. We are concentrating on improving his speech this summer, so I am basically just trying to engage him in conversation all day long. He's already talking a lot clearer.

I am Grateful For: Time with my children. I know that someday very soon they will be spending their summers somewhere other than home with their Mama.

The Weather Outside: The crazy weather continues around here. About 8 days ago it was 40 degrees out, and this week the temps are in the upper nineties. It seems we have been violently shoved into summer. Something else to look forward to... the 13 year locusts. They are slowly making their way north and soon we won't be able to hear ourselves talk when we're outside. Yay.

I am Obsessed With: Unfortunately for my family, I have become hooked on yet another video game. It's one of the seek and find games that you usually have to pay for, but I found a free version on Facebook. Like I need another reason to be on Facebook. Sheesh. But I need something to keep me busy until the next Harry Potter Lego game out this fall. :)