Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Update

Around the House: We finally found a couch for the front room formally, the empty room that Embry keeps toys in. We bought it at Costco (what can't you find there? :). It is the perfect size and the perfect color and a pretty good deal too. I smile every time I walk past it.

In the Kitchen: Embry and J made brownies tonight, a rare before bed treat for her. And we had a great sandwich for dinner. I adapted it from a Rachel Ray recipe that I found. I took some Kalamata olives and pesto and blend them to a paste in the food processor. I spread the paste on some good bread (we used big sourdough loaves from Costco). Then I layered sliced cheese, sauteed peppers, fresh tomatoes, and fresh basil on top of the paste. I topped it off with jarred artichoke hearts, chopped fine. I put the top on the sandwich and wrapped it really tight and put it in the refrigerater. We cooked ours in our panini pan, but you can warm it in the oven. It was a great dinner because we already had the pesto, olives, and artichokes, and my Mom-in-law brought us lots of fresh peppers and tomatoes from the garden. I used the basil from my Aerogarden (one of the best inventions ever!). J said it tasted like a Muffaletta but without all the fattening meats.

New with the Kids: Both sick. That's right, for those of you who were taking bets it took Embry exactly 8 days of school before she brought home her first cold. I'm actually surprised that it took so long. Embry gets a fever if someone sick looks at her. And she's such a good sister she shared her cold with her baby brother who came down with the same symptoms 2 days later. Embry is getting over hers and returned to school today while Matthew is right in the thick of it and keeping J and I up (more than usual) at night. I almost forgot what it was like to take care of a sick baby. Embry is very good at taking her medicine, blowing her nose, etc. because she understands that these things will help her to feel better. Matthew is not yet so cooperative. Amazingly, he remains happy as ever, even though its clear that he feels like crap.

I'm Grateful For: Embry getting better, because I can tell tonight that I'm coming down with it too and it is much easier to take care of 1 sick kid than 2 if I'm not feeling well myself. Hopefully J will stay healthy for a few more days so Matthew and I can recover.

The Weather Outside: Well, you might have heard about a storm called Ike. Well, it blew through our neighborhood Saturday night / Sunday morning. We got about 5 inches of rain overnight and about 2 in our basement. We spent most of Sunday mopping up and making sure nothing got wet. After watching on TV this morning all of the damage to the Texas coastline, though, I feel pretty stupid complaining about a little water in the basement.

I'm Obsessing About: Finding a new bank for our checking / savings accounts. We are currently with US Bank and we have had nothing but problems with them since before we moved up here. We thought it would be convenient to go with a big bank since they are located at all the places that we travel frequently. Big mistake. Lots of problems, terrible customer service, ridiculous fees, you name it. We are done.

Side Note: Friends in KC are checking in to have their #2 baby tonight. Good luck and congrats early! I hope everything goes smoothly and that Mom and baby are healthy and happy. We'll be thinking about you guys!

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