Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Update

Around the House: Well, another week and a half has gone by, and we are once again a sick house. If anyone would have told me how much little kids get sick, I never would've believed them. It's only a cold this time, but for Embry that means 2-3 days with a fever, and 2-3 days of a cough that keeps everyone awake all night. Embry is almost over it, but Matthew is right in the thick of it. And luckily, he never gets it as bad as his sister.

In the Kitchen: The burrito project worked great. 18 eggs makes 12 burritos. 1.5 minutes on defrost and 1 minute on high and you have a hot breakfast, ready to eat in the car on the way to work. Perfect! We also tried a new Trader Joe's product called "No Pudge, Fudge Brownie Mix." It's a fat free brownie mix that you just add plain or vanilla yogurt to. The best part is that you can make as big or small a batch as you want, even single servings. We tried it last week and it's not too bad. It actually tastes more like chocolate cake than brownie, but it was definitely chocolaty enough to satisfy a craving.

New with Embry: We went to Embry's second parent/teacher conference last week. No surprise; she's doing great. We took home a big folder of some of her work, and mostly discussed what she would be doing different next year when she starts to attend full days.

New with Matthew: Mattie had his 15 month checkup last week, in between illnesses. I found out that he is now as tall as the average 2 1/2 year old, and that he has a very stubborn ear infection. So he is on his second round of antibiotics, and we go back to the doctor to recheck his ears next week. On another note, Matthew has gotten very proficient at tantrums. He begins by stomping his feet as hard and fast as he can. This usually results in him falling down from too much stomping. He continues to kick for a minute or so after he gets to the floor. Oh, and did I mention that he does all while screaming at the top of his lungs. I have GOT to get this on video. Not only for my and your entertainment (it is quite funny), but to show to his friends when he's 16.

I am Grateful For: We don't have to move this year after all. We have extended our lease until May of next year. I do like the house that we're in right now, but more than that I really hate moving. So, this is quite a relief, at least until next year at this time.

The Weather Outside: Wow have we had some crazy weather lately. Twice in the last week, the temp went from upper 70's to 20's after a line of storms went through. Nothing bad, just lots of wind and some rain. just when we think spring is getting closer we get another dose of winter.

I'm Obsessing About: Getting ready for a yard sale. Any of you who know me, know that I am nuts about getting rid of clutter, and I can't wait to get rid of all our baby stuff. Car seat, swing, bouncy seat, bassinet... all of the things that Matthew outgrew before he was 3 months old. Yard sale weather is still weeks away, but I'm ready now!

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Hey!! i want a baby stuff preview sale!! haha!!!