Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Everyone knows that I have certain..."issues." I like to eat Reese's peanut butter cups by eating all of the chocolate on the outside first. I hate when my food touches, especially if pancake syrup gets on my eggs. Yuk!

I always assumed that Embry would the one to inherit some of my behaviors. She likes things neat and organized, just like me. But, I started to wonder when Matthew became obsessed with picking lint up off the floor and looking for hairs in the bathtub.

This is his latest quirk that seems way too much like something I would have done. Matthew often has yogurt and crackers for lunch. The other day I noticed him doing this:

He lines his crackers up and takes one bite out of each of them. The same size bite out of the same corner.

Then he lines them up again and takes another bite.

So funny, and yet a little bit scary :)


gshirley said...

Eggs with lots of syrup yummmm!
How cute is that. You know he doesn't get that from me. We need a few more quirky family members.

Nick said...

Love it! Who would have thought? Can't wait to some down for Christmas!