Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Differences Between Siblings

Until I had Mathew, I had no idea how different two kids could be... and them walking is no exception. Although Embry was also about 1 year when she took her first steps, the way that they go about it is completely different.

With Embry, we had to coax her. I would hold out my arms, call her, and she would walk to me, a couple of steps at a time. She loved to show off her new skill, and she still loves to watch herself on tape.

Matthew has been standing on his own for months. Who knows when he actually had the ability to walk. He has taken a step here or there, and then, on his birthday he took 3 or 4 steps. We try to get him to walk to us, but he just gets down and crawls. Then, the other day I was looking away and Embry yells, "Mattie's walking!" And sure enough, I turn around and he had taken about 10 steps all the way across the living room. He walks only when he feels like it, and usually when no one is looking. This makes getting it on video that much harder. Now I know how those guys from Discovery Channel felt when they were trying to film the snow leopard :)

So, this morning I got out the video camera, turned it on and left it sitting on the desk. I plugged it into the wall so the battery wouldn't run out when I needed it. And I waited. It took until about 12:30, but I finally caught a few steps.

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