Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Matthew

Matthew had quite an eventful day on Wednesday. He started the day by going to the doctor for his 12 year check-up. He was poked and prodded, and like all doctor's visits we had to wait for what seemed like forever. So, we ended up getting home an hour after his normal naptime. He was exhausted and slept all morning. I had to wake him up to go pick up Embry from school, then he immediately fell asleep in the car an the way. He took another long nap in the afternoon and then after dinner, we had cake.

He didn't make nearly as big of a mess as I expected. He took his time and I eventually had to take the plate away so we could put him in the bathtub and get ready for bed. After his bath he opened his presents from Embry and from his cousins.

Embry picked out a drum for her brother, which she has played with a lot more than than he has. Matthew had the most fun, though, with the card that Embry picked out for him. She always picks out cards that play music, no matter who the recipient. This particular card has a picture of a baby eating birthday cake on the front, that Embry said was a picture of Matthew. He opens it over and over again every day, and dances a little when it starts to play, "I'm so excited!" He is so funny.

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