Thursday, April 30, 2009

End of April Update

Around the House: It was so nice out last weekend that we took the hammock and big patio umbrella out of the shed. We put Matthew in the swing for a while and let Embry run around the yard with the hose. I love that they love to play outside and I try my best to not let my laziness get in the way of that.

In the Kitchen: Nothing special lately, but I did find a really good recipe for lentil soup. It's by Ina Garten and it makes a ton of soup, so it's perfect for freezing half. I have to thank Ginny for turning me on to lentil soup a long time ago. I probably would have never tried it if it weren't for her and her vegetarian phase. Of course the soup I made this week has a pound of Kielbasa in it, so it is far from vegetarian. But, it was good and even Matthew liked it.

New with Embry: Like a light switch was turned on, Embry has started to read everything within her reach. She reads her books at bedtime, the butter container on the table at dinner, the shampoo bottle in the bath. She has been studying letters and sounds at school for months, but all of the sudden it's like... she just gets it. All day long she is sounding out words and asking me what stuff says. Amazing!

New with Matthew: Matthew is growing like a weed and tearing the place up. His favorite past time now seems to be throwing his toys and making a huge mess out of a clean room in about 30 seconds. Luckily Embry still thinks it's fun to play "clean-up." Also, Matthew has about 6 new teeth. They never seem to bother him much. The only way I can tell when he's teething is that he drools much more than normal.

I'm Thankful For: Kids that like to ride in the car. Poor Matthew was stuck with me in a traffic jam for 30 minutes this week. 30 minutes without moving, but as long as I threw him an animal cracker once in a while there were no complaints.

The Weather Outside: Well in less than 30 days we've had both snow and 90 degree weather. I actually had to turn on the A/C last week. I told myself I wouldn't do it until it got really miserable out. But, last week it was 84 in the house and Embry was begging me to run the marathon with her on the Wii. I just couldn't stand it any more.

I'm Obsessing About: Wow, I can't really think of anything. I guess I have been worried lately about Christmas presents. I bought my first one of the year this week, and I can't believe I've waited so long. Not working for Williams-Sonoma sure has changed my shopping habits. No WS clearance sales, no perusing the mall on my break. I guess I will have to shop like a normal person this year.

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