Friday, May 8, 2009

The Imposter

Can you tell these bears apart? Matthew can...

A few months ago Matthew became very attached to a stuffed bear that I received as a gift at my baby shower. The bear originally came with blue pajamas on, but Embry undresses everything, so the pj's quickly went by the wayside before Matthew was even born. Matthew carries the bear around most of the day, and absolutely will not sleep without it. I wash it at least once a week, since it spends so much time on his mouth. So, we decided to buy him a spare. You'd think this would be an easy task... not so much.

I looked around and quickly found the bear for sale, so I purchased one and waited for it to arrive. I was so excited when it arrived, that I would finally have a bear to give Matthew while I wash the other one. Embry took it out of the box and immediately noticed that the pajamas were not removable! I handed it to Matthew, he took one look and threw it on the floor. This didn't surprise me since it was totally different than his bear.

So, I sent the bear back and soon after found out that all of this line of bears has non-removable pj's. They no longer make the one that Matthew has. Thank goodness for eBay. After confirming twice that it had pj's that were completely removable, I bid on and won an old (but not used) pajama bear.

When it arrived, I unpacked it, removed the pajamas and gave it to Matthew for approval. He took it and immediately ran to his room. I followed him in and watched as he took his old bear out of his crib looked at both of them and threw the new one on the floor. He wants nothing to do with it. I've even washed it a few times so that it smells the same and is no longer fluffy like a new stuffed animal. So much for that idea. I guess we'll keep it around for emergencies.

**Differences between siblings***Embry really never had a blankie or luvie stuffed animal. She was fine as long as she had her pacifiers (or nuk as we called it). And she never complained about what type or color she had, as long she had at least 2 of them to sleep with. So when one got lost I simply replenished it with one from my stash of 15 or so.

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