Thursday, June 4, 2009


Ok, so my new obsession with "Lost" has definitely had an impact on my blogging. I mean, with 1 1/2 hours of free time every afternoon, do I watch 2 episodes of Lost or do I clean the house, start dinner, and catch up on my blogging? I try to do the latter at least once a week. The good news is that I only 2 1/2 seasons left. So, a couple more weeks and I can resume my normal life again.

This past weekend was so full of events for our family that I thought I'd just take it day by day. Let's start with last was Embry's last day of school and as promised Grandma R. picked her up. She had a pizza party with watermelon for dessert which was clear from the red ring around her face when she got home. She brought home a folder with all of her recent work in it, and we had a great time going through it together. She is so proud of what she has learned this year.

Later that afternoon Grandma H. and Uncle Nicol arrived. Grandma was here to babysit while N and I went to my brother's high school graduation in Quincy (about 2.5 hours away). As expected, Embry latched onto her uncle as soon as he got here and did not let go. They played all afternoon and all night.

Matthew took a few hours to warm up to them both, but soon he was snuggling with Grandma in the chair.

The next morning we played outside for a while and then N and I were off to Quincy to meet my Dad for an early dinner and then to the graduation. The weather could not have been more perfect to sit on a football field for a couple of hours. The ceremony was pretty short considering the number of graduates (500+)! We drove home and I went to bed REALLY late (for me anyway).

The plan for Saturday morning was to hit the zoo early, but when we woke up it was pouring rain. We did eventually make it to the zoo, just a little later than originally planned, and armed with a few umbrellas. The rain cleared up shortly after we got there, just in time for us to visit (you guessed it!) the stingrays. There was no line this time, due to the weather I'm guessing, and we got to choose the prime spot at the exhibit for petting rays. We also got to feed them! That was interesting. Grandma got a little scared doing it, but Embry had no fear. I was a little grossed out by the cut up fish heads they give you to feed them with, but again, Embry didn't care. She was just so excited to be there again. She's going to be very disappointed when the exhibit moves on.

We can always cheer her up with the butterfly house, which is her second favorite thing to visit at the zoo.

We rode the carousel and the train and then had lunch together.

And before we left Mattie had latched onto Grandpa too...

We were so exhausted when we got home that we ALL took a nap, and then spent a nice relaxing afternoon and evening at home.

On Sunday, we had everyone over for a cookout. We made steak and chicken tacos, with refried black beans and rice, chips and homemade guacamole. And what summer BBQ would be complete without strawberry shortcake, one of my all time favorites. We played video games and Scategories and then Embry went with Daddy to a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. She actually has another birthday party next week. Both J and I agreed that we never thought of kids having parties over the summer, duh.

By Monday morning everyone had left and it was just the kids and me home all week. I am loving the time that Embry is home now, but she definitely is taking some time to adjust. I can tell that she is having a hard time being around her little brother all day long. But we are making adjustments, with plenty of time for her to play quietly alone in her room. And of course any time that we can spend outside makes everyone happy.

Ok, this post is long enough, plus if I'm not careful I may not get to watch Lost at all today! :)

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Nick said...

I love the pictures! Didn't I take most of those? What a great time! Thanks so much for having us! Embry & Matthew were so much fun! I miss you all so much!

Hey, how are my apple trees and that community flower garden going?