Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Adventures in Photography

It's a pre-Thanksgiving tradition for us. Dress the kids in cute matching outfits (I opted for pj's this year so they'd get more than an hour of use out of them), and drag them off to get their picture taken. I start out with pretty low expectations this year because Matthew is not known to sit still for anything. But, the photographer did such a great job last year, I hoped we'd get at least one good shot for the Christmas cards.

So, after waiting for the staff to choose a background we decided to start off with Embry while Matthew ran off some energy in the hall.

First shot....beautiful!
Ok, now let's bring Matthew in. Try putting him on the sled with Embry...

And he's off and running in the hall again.
Maybe if we try a prop. Matthew look, Embry's reading a book!
Nope, he's more interested in honking her nose.
And there he goes again.
Maybe if we try having him sit on something.
Now scoot them closer together, oh wait... Embry is ticklish.
Ok, let's let Matthew relax for a few minutes and do another one with Embry. Very good!
Maybe if we just try sitting on the floor.
Or maybe a stuffed animal. What's that, you only have one? That's not going to work.
(That one is my favorite.)
A couple more with Embry while Matthew recovers.
Should we just give up and come back next week? No, let's just try one more time.
I don't think we're going to get any better than that. Let's go home.

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Nick said...

Wow! The teddy bear shot was my favorite too! I hope you got prints of that one!