Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Crafts

We definitely have another crafter in the family, now that Embry is old enough to do so much on her own. She has spent the last few weeks working on tons of stuff for Christmas.

Here she is working on these:

Some foam door hangers (from a kit that Grandma sent) and refrigerator magnets (from Oriental Trading Co.).

Here's the awesome gingerbread house that we did together. It was also a kit that came with the house already put together! All you had to do was stick on the candy (included) with the icing (also included). A great project for her age. I've made gingerbread houses from scratch before, and she's not quite ready for that much work yet.

Last week, as part of their studies on Asia, I taught Embry's class a few easy origami models. I included this candy cane since it's Christmas time. Embry has been busy ever since making tons of them to hang on our tree.

And speaking of trees, here she is hamming it up for the camera right after she helped put up the lights on the Christmas tree. Great job!

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