Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lost and Found

The day of Embry's birthday we pulled out the video camera and discovered that the battery was nearly dead. Five minutes later we discovered that we had lost the power cord. We managed to tape a minute or two before it conked out, but I wasn't able to download what we recorded with no way to recharge the camera.

A couple of weeks later we ordered a replacement from Amazon and when it arrived we promptly left it on the box on top of a pile of junk mail for another week. Last week, I finally remembered to charge the camera and download the video to the computer. So, sorry Mom for the delay, but here is a couple of minutes from Embry's party.

Today, when I was putting away the kids' hats and gloves I found the original charger... in the coat closet in a bin of old hats and gloves. I don't why I didn't look there before. At least we have a spare now, right?

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