Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Update

Around the House: I'm trying to organize toys this week. It seems like all of the sudden, we have no place to put anything, and I am tripping over toys everywhere. Embry has agreed to fill up one huge box with stuff for the yard sale, so that will help. The best part is that I may have to make a trip to Container Store!

In the Kitchen: I made a super easy cream of broccoli soup for the kids' dinner last night. The recipe was so easy that I made it from start to finish in the 40 minutes between bringing Embry home from school and going to work. All while getting dressed for work and wrangling the kids during their usual after school craziness. I can't find the recipe online anymore, so I'll try to post it later.

Also, I'm making Puppy Chow tomorrow since I can't stop thinking about this recipe I saw on my new fav food blog last week. Hello, sugar coma!

New with Embry: It's going to be a busy weekend for Embry. She has the day off from school tomorrow because of parent-teacher conferences. We're gong to meet with her teacher to discuss her upcoming transfer to the Elementary class. Yikes! She's going to a friend's house to play Friday afternoon, and then a birthday party on Saturday. Phew. I never remember being this busy when I was 5.

New with Matthew: It's been so long since Matthew's last haircut, that he is starting to remind me of a tiny werewolf. He has an appointment next week, and I am dreading it. Holding him down for his last haircut wore me out and gave me a sore back for 2 days. maybe I should just let him grow it long until he gets over this. Ugh. I just can't. I cannot have a little boy with long hair.

I am Grateful For: Matthew and I finally feeling better. He and I both slept through the night a couple of times this week. Yeah!

The Weather Outside: It's looking a little like spring outside...45 and sunny. I'm sure we're not done with the cold yet though. It is St. Louis, after all.

I am Obsessed With: Well, if I have to think about it, there must be nothing, right?

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