Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is it Summer Already?

It must be since school is over and Embry had her last soccer practice last week.

And summer is for swimming...

We're using a blow-up pool that we bought last year as a back-up for the now infamous "dragon pool." That pool (which was actually a dinosaur) lasted through about 2 swims before ripping and being left in a pile in the corner of the patio. No one seemed to care, however, because we swam at the school pool every Friday night. Now that I work most Friday nights, that won't be happening this year, so the kids will want to swim in the backyard more often.

So far, the $5 back-up pool is working great. And Embry's $4 goggles are working great too. She wears them, not to see underwater, but to keep the water from getting into her eyes when Matthew splashes her... which he does about every 30 seconds.

I also love the new swimsuits that I found at Target this year. Matthew is sporting some cute shark themed trunks, and I totally dig the trend in girl's suits the last few summer of covering up as much as possible. I let Embry pick out her own suit and she chose this super cute yellow one.

Here's to great summer!

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