Monday, June 21, 2010

Matthew's New Dance

It has always been amazing to me how as soon as babies can sit up, they will dance to music. How do they know how to do this? No one teaches babies this concept... at least I didn't teach my kids to dance. Who knows what they would've ended up doing then? Anyway, Matthew loves to dance! Practically all kid's shows have music in them, and he has a specific dance for each one. His dance for Dora is different than his one for Wubbzy and so on.

Now, despite my best efforts, both of the kids are now obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba (thanks a lot J!). The show is way too weird for my taste, but it does have lots of interesting music. And I have to say that Matthew's dance to this song is my new favorite of all his previous dances. He dances it the same way every time, so it's not random. He definitely has a very specific method. And it is pretty funny...even if the song gets stuck in my head so much that I need a sledgehammer to get it out.

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