Monday, October 25, 2010

My New/Old Job

Two weeks ago I worked my last shift at Costco. After a whole year of getting home at 10:30 or 11:00 at night, I'd decided I'd had enough.

One week ago, I started my new/old job at Williams-Sonoma. The staff there was desperate for a Keyholder/Tech Class Instructor, and I apparently fit the bill. It was a bit scary at the first few nights. Especially since it had been over two years since we left Huntsville and I had worked at WS, but my coworkers assumed that I had just moved here last week. In the first 2 days, I was running errands, taking conference calls and closing the store. I figured my first couple of shifts would be filled with sweeping the floor and taking out the trash until I got the lay of the land. I guess not.

Fortunately, everything has come back to me pretty quickly. I remembered all the register functions, how the gifts are supposed to be wrapped, and even how the associates are supposed to answer the phone. I just have to remind myself to not to say "Costco food court" when I pick up the phone.

Yesterday morning I arrived at work preparing to "assist" with the first Technique Class. It's a good thing that I over prepared, because my manger said to me after we walked into the store, "You seem pretty knowledgeable about this stuff, why don't you do all the talking and I'll back you up."


So, essentially I ran the first class, and it went great. Thirty people attended, which is about the most I have ever spoken to. I have been informed that the next few classes (the Thanksgiving ones) usually draw around 50 people. I don't know where they are planning to fit all of these people, but bring it on! At least I no longer have to wear a hairnet.

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