Friday, October 1, 2010

What happened to September?

Three months ago, I had a birthday. Instead of presents, I asked everyone to give me Home Depot gift cards so that I could get a new screen door for the house the we had very recently acquired. The screen door that came with the house was annoying. The screen was halfway ripped out. The door didn't latch on its own and you had to wait about 30 seconds after walking through it in order to pull it closed because the hydraulic thingy that closes the door was broken. The door jam was cracked and every few months I had to move the plate that the door latches onto because the screws kept pulling out of the wood. See? Annoying.

But on Tuesday, the install guy from Home Depot came and put in our new door. Because we had gift cards, we splurged and got a nice one. The install guy put in a brand new door jam, so it opens and closes like a dream. It also has this button that you can tap with your foot to hold the door open (without putting down your groceries or your kids), and then you just tap the door and it closes again. But the best part is that it is "fullview." The entire door is essentially one big floor to ceiling window, and I love it! I think Embry said it best with, "Mama, I feel like I'm outside!" It lets in so much light in an already pretty bright room, that when you walk past the door it really does seem like there isn't a door there at all.

It is our first official home improvement since we bought the house and I never thought I'd be so excited about a screen door.

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