Monday, February 2, 2009

Best Dessert from a Mix...Ever!

I found this idea on my new favorite food blog, Bakerella. Basically you take a Betty Crocker brownie mix and prepare according to the directions on the box. Then, you take a Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix and prepare according to directions. Only instead of baking the cookies separately, you drop the cookie dough into the brownie batter by the teaspoonful.

The end result is a dessert that is half brownie and half chocolate chip cookie. What could be better!? As soon as I read about this, I made a special trip to the store to buy the mixes. When I got there, surprise! Betty Crocker has a box with both mixes together! Word must have got out about how awesome this dessert is. Anyway, it is so easy and a great dessert for kids to help with as you can see from the pictures.

We finished it the same way that the folks at Bakerella did... with a layer of homemade ganache. I wonder how great this would be using homemade brownies and homemade cookie dough?

Happy baking!

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