Sunday, July 19, 2009

1, 2, 3, 4 Kids?!

Yes, that's right. Starting tonight, I will be taking care of 4 kids for a few days. 2 of my own and, 2 of their cousins visiting from CA. We have had almost a week to get used to each other, since they came up with Grandma last Tuesday.

We went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on opening night. Aside from the film being out of focus half of the time, a crying baby in the row behind us, and a gentleman in front of me who hadn't bathed in several days...the movie was great. I suppose that's what I deserve for having to see it on Wednesday night. If I wanted a quiet, empty theater, I could have waited a couple of weeks and went to a Sunday afternoon showing. And I have to say that this was the first of the series that I have seen since reading all of the books and it was quite a different experience. I can totally understand why people who read the books before seeing any of the films didn't enjoy the movies. But, I am totally attached to the actors' characters, it's almost as if the books and the movies are a completely separate things to me. I love them all.

We went to J's Mom's family reunion on Saturday, and it could not have been a more beautiful day. Sunny and 70 degrees. We made BBQ pulled pork, broccoli slaw, and chocolate chip cookie dough brownies to take with us. There was tons of good food and even more good desserts, yum! We had a good time and the kids got to run around outside all afternoon.

The older kids, J, and Grandma are at the City Museum today. I opted to stay home with Matthew since he is not quite big (actually I should say old) enough to enjoy most of the stuff there. We decided that it was not worth it to spend money for someone to go and just chase Matthew around the lobby for a few hours. Also, the older kids can stay longer without having to rush home for naptime. The good thing is that J gets to go this time. It will be his first visit. I hope he loves it as much as Embry and I do.

So, Grandma returns home to work for a couple of days, leaving the kids here. Thankfully she will also be leaving her van in case I dare to venture out of the house with all 4 kids. I've got some meals planned, and they are all good eaters. Also, the weather is supposed to continue to be amazing, so we can spend lots of time outside. The kids get along great, so we should be okay for a few days. But, I bet everyone will be happy to see Grandma when she gets back on Wednesday! Wish me good luck!

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