Sunday, July 19, 2009

Purina Farms

I mentioned last week that we visited Purina Farms, a museum/petting zoo/dog show run by the pet food company. Here are some of the pictures from our trip...

Here is Embry and Grandma taking a closer look at some horses...

And some pigs, and a chicken, and a rabbit.

Here is a section in the barn where there are tables filled with dried corn and a few John Deere tractors to play with. The kids spent nearly an hour total here. Matthew just liked to feel it in his hands over and over again. Who knew dried corn was so much fun?

This part was also in the barn. Small rooms filled with bales of hay and a rope to swing into them. I love this photo of her where she looks like a flying ninja...

And this was Embry's favorite part. First a dog was brought out and ran through an obstacle course like in the competitions we watch on tv. Then another dog performed a bunch of frisbee tricks. Finally they brought two dogs over to the pool and had them showcase the jumping competition by throwing a frisbee over the water and letting the dogs run and jump out over it. Very fun to watch, Embry was so excited. Matthew, of course, wouldn't sit still, so he and I watched from the grassy area behind the bleachers.

This place was so much fun and everything was free! There was also a museum where they showed how dog food was made (no one was much interested in that), a racetrack with pedal powered tractors the size of tricycles, and lots of dogs, cats, and birds around to pet and play with. A great place for little kids.

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