Wednesday, July 29, 2009

End of July Update

Around the House: The house is quiet and empty now that our houseguests are gone. We are slowly getting back into a normal routine. It feels like the summer is winding down already, even though we have another month before school starts. We have been spending a little less time outside, since it seems like mother nature has turned on us. J is just now getting over a severe case of poison ivy that he contracted almost a month ago! He actually ended up having to see the doctor for a round of steroids to clear it up. Also, the wasp and yellowjacket population in our yard has gotten a little out of control and I was stung twice the other day. I'm so grateful that Matthew or Embry were not stung instead.

In the Kitchen: The kitchen has been a lot less busy this week. The last of the cookies are gone and it is time to get back to some cheap and easy meals. I made black beans and rice on Sunday, Mexican lasagne on Wednesday, and I'm making chicken potpie tomorrow. Comfort food, yum.

New with Embry: I took Embry to pick out a new backpack and a lunchbox, in an attempt to get her enthused about school starting. I found some really cute ones at Children's Place. They have small backpacks for her age with matching lunchboxes in real cute patterns. I'll try to get a photo up soon of her new stuff.

New with Matthew: He's still growing like a weed and every inch taller that he gets, there are more things in the house that he can get into. Last week, he almost reached up onto the stove when there was a pot of water boiling. It just reminds me of how I have to watch him every second.

I am Grateful For: The super-fun time that we spent over the last couple of weeks with the cousins. I was so pleased with how well the kids got along, and I hope they had as good a time as we did.

The Weather Outside: This has got to be the mildest July that I remember. Usually, I dread the summers with how miserably hot and humid it gets. But this year has been beautiful! (So, far. One more hot month to go.)

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