Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Update

Around the House: Most things back to normal this week. It's a full week of school and work. Finally got the basement cleaned up, and all Christmas stuff put away where it actually belongs. Next project is to round up all the kids old clothes and see what can be given away and what can be sold on eBay. After that... I'll get ready for yard sale season. I have so much baby stuff around the house that Matthew has grown out of, and it all needs to go.

In the Kitchen: Saturday is Magic House Night for the kids at Embry's school and I have pledged a few dozen cookies and some juice. I find it hard to volunteer my time at these events, since I don't quite feel comfortable letting Embry run around the museum by herself. But, I can always donate baked goods. Plus I need an excuse to bake. I haven't made anything since Christmas, and I was starting to go through cookie withdrawal.

New with Embry: Embry loves to cut paper. She is slightly obsessed with cutting and pasting lately. I got her a couple of books from the Kumon series. They are great for days when we are stuck inside and I need something quiet for her to do. She also got a whole set of different edged scissors (or "curly scissors" as she calls them) which she uses to turn her scrap paper into very creative confetti.

New with Matthew: Starting to talk a little. Says "ball" and "mama." But mostly he just likes to imitate sounds. He walks around saying "Shhhtthh" and "Wwwwnnnnn."

I'm Thankful For: The refrigerator back up and running. We had a burned out heating unit last week and got lucky to find someone to fix it within a couple of days. I am so glad that it was cold enough outside that we could keep our milk and stuff on the back porch for 2 days while we waited.

The Weather Outside: It's been pretty mild the last few days... a bit of snow, but nothing substantial. We are, however, bracing for a cold snap tonight. Temps around zero with wind chills at -15. Brrr.

I'm Obsessing About: Can't wait for new TV shows to start up again. A new Scrubs episode tomorrow, new Office and 30 Rock on Thursday. And soon, new seasons of Big Love and The Tudors (best thing ever on Showtime!).

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Nick said...

I got the card you sent and Embry's school picture. Thanks so much! Oh and the itunes card as well.

It has been so cold here too and has been snowing everyday since last Thursday. Nothing has closed down though. Its basically crazy.

That's so cool that Matthew says mama! How exciting!