Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Update

Around the House: Well, I just found out that we will be moving once again later this spring. (Big sigh...) Our landlords are moving into this house at the end of our lease in May, so we will be finding a new house soon.

The upside(s)? We have a much better knowledge of the city and where the good neighborhoods are. We have more than a few hours to look at houses this time. We are not moving across the country. And most importantly, we can move ourselves. With a little help with wrangling kids from Grandmas, of course. Also, I kept all of our packing supplies from last time, so I can pack at my leisure.

In the Kitchen: Not anything exciting going on there. I have started my Sunday cooking marathons again, where I try to prepare 3 or 4 dinners in one afternoon to be reheated later in the week. We had grilled cheese or scrambled eggs almost every night last week, because I was too lazy to cook, so I'm trying to make up for it.

New with Embry: Embry has recently begun to count out loud when we are in the car on the way home from school. She used to start counting when we got close to home, since she could only count to 20 or so without help. She has become much more ambitious lately. She loves that she can get to 100 and beyond, so she makes us start counting as soon as she gets into the car. And so we count the entire way home, all 20 minutes. Often we get to 400 or more. Luckily, she has started to forget about it some days. Whew! That is a lot of counting!

New with Matthew: Matthew received a wooden "Melissa & Doug" puzzle for his birthday with 5 shapes. Although he doesn't quite understand the point of the puzzle, he plays with it all the time. Mainly he removes all the pieces and throws them on the floor, with the exception of the circle which he likes to carry around the house all day. When he does attempt to put the pieces back in, he ALWAYS puts the circle in the square hole. Apparently it goes better there than in its own place.

I am Thankful For: My yummy potato and corn chowder in the fridge, just waiting to be warmed up. No mess, no clean-up tonight, yea!

The Weather Outside: Cold, but not too much and a little bit of snow this morning.

I am Obsessing About: Getting my taxes filed. I know it's early but, I like to have this stuff done as soon as I can. I'm just waiting for one more form to come in the mail then I'm finished!

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Nick said...

I love it! Embry counting to 400 in the car. That is so something we would have done when we were little and drove Mom crazy.

You are hilarious! You already are obsessing about taxes! You are so organized, sometimes I can't believe it! :) I am looking forward to doing my taxes though too. It must be hereditary or something.

Oh, by the way, its snowed in Erie 12 days in a row now. Its getting to the point where there is no place to pile it off of the sidewalks now.