Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bread Update

Well, it was a hit. Embry loved it and she's a very tough critic. It definitely wasn't the best homemade bread I've ever had, but it was SO worth the time and effort (or lack of it, I should say!).


ginny said...

Glad you liked the bread ok.... We thought it was really good but I am not as good of a baker as you :)

I made the Challah recipe and it was pretty goos as cinnamon rolls, but not as good as the real thing...

I want to try the olive oil dough next.

did embry is the real butter or the yucky butter on her bread?

Sara said...

Wanted to add that every subsequent loaf of bread that we baked from the dough in the fridge was better than the last. It definately got better after several days.