Thursday, July 31, 2008

Empty House

Around the house: My new laptop came today!! Of course I have no idea how to anything on it until J shows me how. It sure is a good thing I married an engineer...Also, we have obtained a treadmill. I say obtained because it was stolen from some people who had borrowed it from my in laws. Apparently the people who borrowed it because it wasn't being used, weren't using it either. So the original owners "borrowed" it back and lent it to us. After looking into it for a few weeks, it seems there is this whole community of treadmill owners and borrowers that other people are not aware of. All we had to do was ask the right person and it was ours. Who knew?

In the kitchen: Absolutely nothing. After cooking for guests on and off for the last month, I need a break from being in the kitchen. And since I need a break from cleaning as well as cooking, my husband is not allowed to cook either. (Also we are out of everything...I really need to go to the store tomorrow). Steak and Shake it is tonight!

New with Embry: Well, she was admitted to the school that we were hoping for. We are very excited and yet I am sad at the same time. Mostly because it means she is growing up, but also because I've maybe spent 7 days away from her in her entire life, and it's going to be very strange not having her here all the time. Hopefully I will learn to appreciate the time off. I really never thought that I would send her to school at such and early age, but she is so curious about everything, and I really think she is getting bored just being at home with me. Especially since her brother was born and I don't have nearly as much one-on-one time with her. We decided that going to school will help to feed her ever expanding need for learning and doing.

New with Matthew: What an interesting child we have... he started crawling before he could turn over, and now before he can really crawl (with belly up off the ground anyway) he is pulling up on everything today! I can't wait until he starts running before he learns to walk :)

I'm grateful for: Embry immediately forgetting the annoying phrases she learned from her cousins this past week. One example: "Ohh, come on!"

The weather outside: Wet! Wet! Wet! We got several inches of rain in the last few days, apparently from Hurricane Dolly. I really thought we were done with all this hurricane nonsense since we moved here from Alabama.

I'm obsessing about: Since my first few attempts at bread making went so well, I'm skipping straight to the hard stuff in the back of the book. I would love to be able to make homemade Pannetoni from Christmas (another obsession of mine).

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