Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ready for Guests

Around the house: Because we just moved in 6 weeks ago the house doesn't quite feel complete yet. I'm ordering a new sofa for the front room, which will help a lot. It's pretty much just empty right now. I'll be setting up our guest room and bath tonight for our friends (and previous landlords) who are coming for the weekend. Should be fun. Haven't seen them in a year or so!

In the kitchen: Planning meals for this weekend. Tradition calls for hotwings, but I'm not sure if everyone is up for it.

New with Embry: Taking a break from potty training until we see the pediatrician. Maybe she has some advise that I haven't already heard or read in the web (which is a lot).

New with Matthew: 3 (yes 3!) new teeth coming in. He now has four on top and two on bottom. I can't believe how old it makes him look. No longer a baby :-(

I'm grateful for: Matthew deciding not to breastfeed anymore (especially with all his new teeth)!

The weather outside: Note: I'm including this one because everyone who reads this lives where the weather is probably drastically different than ours. Today is pretty warm and sunny, although we're not spending very much time outside lately because of all the mosquitoes.

I'm obsessing about: My new blog!

Here's some pics of our recent trip to Greenville, MO for the 4th.

Ok, the last one needs some explanation...Jason made a chocolate cake for my birthday (it was soooo good!) and it was in the fridge next to the beers. One of the cans fell into the cake right after he frosted it and Vivi decided to clean it off for us. :)

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