Saturday, July 19, 2008

Full House

Here's some pictures from our first round of house guests last was amazing to me how much faster 3 kids can make a mess, as opposed to our usual 2.

Our friends have a little girl that is almost 9 months older than Matthew, but she weighs 2 pounds less. It makes for some cute pictures! Anyway, Embry had lots of fun with her new playmate (for the first day at least). It seemed that on the second day the newness had worn off and they were not as amicable towards each other. Oh, well. We shopped, we cooked and ate hotwings, which are different each time we make them. This time they were pretty spicy and I could only eat a few. I guess that's what happens when you don't use a recipe. Great weekend!


ginny said...

Thanks for having us!!! we had a great time. Let us know when you guys want to come to our place for a visit.
the hotwings were great... and so was the carrot carving contest...

CampbellS said...

What great pictures, but you had some pretty georgous subjects. Gotta love
Jeremy's Mom