Thursday, August 7, 2008

Embry's New Trick

50 States in under 2 minutes! Well, maybe 44 states. See ever since Embry learned "The States Song", I've been trying to get it on tape, but lately she has not wanted her picture taken or to be in any videos. So, tonight she was being very silly before bed and she started singing while sitting on my lap. The camera was sitting right next to us, so I grabbed it and started recording (that's why the beginning of the song got cut off). The only way I could record her while she was on my lap was to turn the viewfinder around and hold the camera in front of us. Since she could see herself being taped, she started acting even sillier (hence the silly faces and hand waving). So, I had to remind her to keep singing and she missed a few states. We're going to work on the Presidents Song next...


1 comment:

Nick said...

Embry is officially smarter than half of America! Three years old and doing the states song. That's great.