Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sara's New Trick and the Coolest Food Ever!

I received this book for my birthday and finally tried out one of the projects after finding socks in the dollar bin at the grocery store. Here's a picture of my first attempt. Not too bad I think.

It only took me a few hours and the best part is the Embry has taken a huge interest in sewing. She had to sit on my lap almost the entire time and played with the yarn and leftover scraps of sock.

Oh, and the coolest food ever...pancakes in a can. We saw this at Costco in Alabama, but it was right before we moved so we didn't buy it then. I've been pining for it ever since and they finally had it at the Costco here! I was so excited.

Yes, it's ready made pancake batter in a can, just like whipped cream or Easy Cheese. OK, so it's not quite as good (or good for you) as our homemade whole wheat pancakes, but the cool factor overrides the (lack of) taste and nutrition. You just spray it onto your pan and voila, pancakes. And because of the delivery method its really easy to make letter and animal shaped pancakes, just like my Grandma did for me and my brother when we were little. I could never do it with regular pancake batter. J made Embry's whole name this morning. She was so impressed that she actually ate breakfast (which never happens without a fight.)

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Nick said...

FYI: this would make a grat X-mas gift.