Monday, August 18, 2008

He's Gets Up (and Down)

Finally got him standing up and his two new skills, getting back down (not on his face) and sitting up from crawling. I can't believe how fast he is learning this stuff. I'm sure that Embry was barely crawling at this age. But everyone says that second children do everything faster to try to keep up with the older ones. That is SO true. 90 percent of the time when Matthew is on the move it is to get to where Embry is. She gets annoyed after a while and likes very much for me to let her play in her room by herself. I can sympathize; I was the older sister too. (Sorry, Nicol, it's true. Sometimes we just need to get away :)

P.S. Notice how he can only get down on his right side, so funny!

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Nick said...

Poor Matthew. He's the young brother child stuck in a family where everyone is the older sibling. Well, at least me and Mom understand how it is.

I checked out the wrecked cakes blog you have a link to. I really am laughing out loud looking at some of those pictures.