Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Update

Around the house: It seems as if everything is winding down here this week. Cousins Viv and Joaquin have returned home to CA. Grandma and Grandpa are back home and will be visiting less since school (for them, work) has started. The closing ceremonies for the Olympics are on tonight which means no more scanning through hours of TiVo'd sports that I won't see again for 4 years. ***Side note: I will be routing for Chicago which is a finalist for host city of the 2016 summer games. Going to the opening ceremonies has been a long time dream of mine (and my Mom's), so I will do everything I can to attend if they are so close to home. I actually went to some events when the games were in Atlanta on '96, but nothing huge.*** And finally, Embry will be starting school next week. More on that further down in this post.

In the kitchen: It is becoming tradition on Sunday nights to feed the kids their normal dinner at the normal time, but to pop some frozen appetizers from Trader Joe's in the oven and eating them after the kids are in bed. They have the best stuff there. Tonight we had Spanakopita and Ham and Cheese Quiche Bites, yum! And the best part is 1 minute clean-up!

New with Embry: As earlier mentioned Embry starts school next Tuesday. We went to her open house and orientation last week. I was reassured that she is ready for school when, it was time for the parents to separate from the kids for a hour and unlike most of the other kids who were crying and clinging to their Moms, Embry told me to "Go on!" so she could keep playing. She has also cried both times we have been to her school and left because she wanted to stay longer. She will only be going for half days, but we can actually switch her to full days at any time if she wants. It is obvious that I will be the one who is the most sad on her first day.

New with Matthew: Two more teeth, eating yogurt for lunch, and cruising around the house like crazy! He also clapped for the first time this morning, so cute.

I am grateful for: J's birthday is this week and he can no longer make fun of me for being 30, because now he will be too :)

The weather outside: Finally starting to cool off. It has been very nice especially in the mornings and early evenings. I love it when I can open all the windows and get fresh air into the house. This was a rarity in Alabama because it seemed that we went from too hot to too cold in one week and back again in the spring. Here there are actually 4 seasons. This is great since Autumn is my favorite. Embry loves it when she can go outside and play after dinner (after a hose down with the bug spray, ever since we found out how allergic she is to mosquitoes). Especially since 2 of the neighbor girls have been coming over to play as well. They love our yard because we have a swing set and hammock, and Embry just loves having someone her age to run around with.

I am obsessing about: Now that I can stand to be outside for more than 5 minutes at a time I have been weeding our very much neglected (some of the weeds are taller than me) flower beds in the backyard. I absolutely despise yard work. When we actually buy a house I'm tearing up the lawn and replacing it with rocks and cactus. But, I can't stand for our current yard to be messy, so I've been spending a couple of hours a week pulling the weeds that have taken over our 2 huge flower beds. I usually keep going until I fill up our yard waste bin which is simply a 30 gallon trash container. This week I was rewarded when some flowers appeared out of nowhere (Mom-in-Law said they were called Surprise Lillies because they come up so late in the summer). It almost motivated me to plant some more things, but then I came to my senses. And I do very much want to clean up our patio in back. I really would like it to be a nice space to hang outside. We have a nice fire pit and some comfortable chairs but no place to use them. Oh well, one of these days...

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