Monday, August 4, 2008

Matthew's New Trick

After way more effort than was necessary (new computer, grrr!), here's a new video clip of Matthew...


ginny said...

he is almost there!!! (has hebeen standing up??) i love how they put they mouth on whatever they are pulling up on. do you think that is for balance??

Nick said...

So funny! He's almost there! I love it. That's great that Embry got into the school. Of course no one doubted that she would.

So I made the zucchini salad the other day without looking at your recipe first. Yeah, I forgot the basil and to grill the zucchini, oh, and the olive oil. I knew it didn't seem quite right.

Great job on your blog! I love the story about Embry being big and strong enough to touch the ceiling fan. Hilarious!