Saturday, August 30, 2008

End of the Week Update

Around the house: Not much going on around the house this weekend. Its nice to have a long weekend without any big plans. Going to a cookout on Monday, watching the U.S. open... maybe relax? Yeah right.

In the Kitchen: I've decided to bring a lemon meringue pie to the cookout on Monday, after seeing a picture of one in an email I received last week. Suddenly, I realized that I've never made a lemon meringue pie before and am a little intimidated since every resource I've checked suggests that it is one of the hardest pies to make. Well, I'm not one to shy away from a dessert challenge (see previous cake blog entry), so I'm going for it. I'm giving myself a safety net though with some out of the box brownies in case the entire thing flops. I'm using the recipe from my most favorite cookbook, The Best Recipe, and so far this book has never failed me. Wish me luck, I'll take a picture before we leave.

New with Embry: One last thing before school starts, Embry needs new tennis shoes. They do not allow the ones with the lights on them at school, so we will try to find her some others this afternoon after everyone gets up from naps. She really needed a new pair anyway, so no big deal. ***Funny side story*** I realized that I have watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix way too much when Embry was humming the theme music along with the movie this morning. Not only do I have it on DVD, but it is on HBO at least once per day, and it has become my default background TV for when I am cooking or cleaning up the house, or folding clothes or whatever. I never thought Embry was paying attention. Hmm.

New with Matthew: Mattie has a stuffy nose this week and was not sleeping well at all. He was getting up 5 or 6 times per night instead of his usual 1 or 2. So, we brought up the humidifier from the basement and tada! he has been sleeping great. Even taking longer naps. We're not sure if it's just the humidifier helping his congestion or if its the light on the front of the machine or the noise it makes, but we are considering leaving it in there permanently.

I am grateful for: See humidifier comment above.

The weather outside: The weather continues to be great. A little warmer than last week, but still very nice.

I'm obsessing about: The Saturday Post Dispatch Crossword Puzzle. I've been working on them by myself for the last few weeks and I am determined to finish one without looking at the answers. I have not yet looked at today's but I can feel it...this is the week.

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