Monday, August 4, 2008

Something Funny

Well, since my old video camera does not agree with my new computer I will postpone the video of Matthew until I run to Radio Shack tonight to get the right kind of cable. Instead I will share a cute little story about Embry. ***By the way, no one tells about having kids, how funny they are. It still amazes me the things that they do everyday to make us laugh.

Anyway, we have recently found a great way for Embry to drink milk. Costco sells individual serving "boxes" of organic low-fat chocolate milk that she loves, I guess because they look like juice boxes and taste like chocolate. I told her the other day to finish her milk because it will make her big and strong. Apparently, her definition of big and strong means that you can reach the ceiling fan, because that was her response. Now every time she finishes her milk she runs over to the ceiling fan in the family room and stands on her tip-toes trying to reach it and says, "Not yet, but I'm still growing!"

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